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Welcome to GROWW, an independent haven for the bereaved developed by the bereaved - OUR PLACE.


Here, on GROWW, you will find your partners in pain sharing their experience and strength. We have message boards, resource listings and secure chat rooms hosted by the most loving people on the internet for all who are grieving.

The pain from losing a loved one, whether spouse, child, parent, sibling or friend, can be the most severe suffering one ever endures. Such is the power of grief. It can take over your life and become the centerpiece pushing everything else to the side or to the back. The pain can be overpowering, all consuming and incapacitating. It is agonizing. It is transient. It is NORMAL. Everyone’s grief is unique and everyone’s grief is the same. Death is a friend to no one.

What is GROWW? It's a place where peer groups in an online chatroom environment teaches that you have "permission to grieve". A place where you learn that the emotions you can't understand are seen in a "mirror image" of someone describing exactly what you are going through, and you say to yourself, "that's ME they are describing". So you learn you are not crazy - that the thoughts of the death that consumes you from the moment you wake from sleep that finally comes after endless waking hours, till night falls and the struggle for sleep comes again. It's a place where you find that every word you heard and could not believe yourself, suddenly are spoken to someone you see that is in pain and you realize, "that's ME talking" it becomes a place where you have learned that by receiving the support and understanding that helped you get through the pain (of losing a loved one) you are now helping someone who is where you have been. It's a place where you CAN recover from the overwhelming pain of grief. It’s a place of belonging.

Some of us know that death is so tragic and yet we must go through the pains of overcoming the tragedy. But that life is too precious to let this make our lives become a tragedy. We have to face what has happened and find a way to bless our future by remembering the blessings we had because of what we shared with those we lost. And all the good things past become better things future because we have learned to cherish them and grow from them and pass them on to all who affect our lives. As long as we can hold the promise that they are not lost from us forever, not gone from us completely, we can learn to live with peace in our hearts knowing they are watching over us always. We can't touch them or see them, but we can always feel them in our hearts and our spirit.

This is death.......... and this is life. Judy Divers

"When it seems that our sorrow is too great to be borne, let us think of the great family of the heavy-hearted into which our grief has given us entrance, and inevitably, we will feel about us their arms, their sympathy, their understanding."
Helen Keller


February 15, 1943 ~ December 5, 1999








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Please take the time to visit all the pages on this website. GROWW's Resource page offers links to websites that will provide you with valuable information, e.g.  the link to the Social Security Administration. For the widowed, learn what benefits are available to you. We will continue to add as much information to this site to help in every way.

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